Avatar Blu-ray/DVD Combo available on pre-order at Amazon, shipping on April 22

The first Blu-ray edition (out of several yet to come) of the most successful film in history is available on pre-order at Amazon today and it will start shipping on April 22. This is a somewhat limited edition including only the main movie, no extra footage and no features. Of course no 3D yet, so if you already have or plan to purchase a 3D set this year, you probably want to wait for the next version of this movie scheduled to release later in the year.

I have seen various reviewers around the web, ranging from ecstatic to pure hate, criticizing everything from the number of cultural cliches involved to the simplicity of characters. Regardless of your opinion on this matter, considering the explosion of theaters looking to convert to digital and 3D this year, I would put Avatar in the same category as other movies that helped to revolutionize one aspect of cinematography (The Wizard of Oz (1939) for the color revolution, the 1993 King Kong for the special effects revolution). And again, regardless of where the Oscars went, at least this movie already made history.

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