Archive | April 29, 2010

Kindle gets social – Twitter and Facebook support with firmware 2.5

The newly announced Kindle firmware update from Amazon brings the device in the realm of social media. The version 2.5 to be released next month includes Facebook and Twitter support. It will also (finally) include support for book collections and other goodies as zoom and pan for PDF documents and two larger font sizes. All in all, a nice set of free functionality added, we’ll see how all this will impact the already strained cellular network. Based on the initial previews, the Facebook support will be somewhat limited, allowing you to share interesting passages, but we’ll wait for the release date to take a better look.

Windows 7 Embedded announced, includes Windows Media Center

A very good news indeed for the HTPC aficionados using Windows Media Center. Windows 7 Embedded version will soon be available and, most important, include Windows media Center functionality. Expect a flurry of devices to pop up, with vastly reduced start time for your media consuming pleasure. It is true, there are many other embedded devices available already on the market (or announced) like POPBOX, but the market is only now heating up, so I’m very sure Microsoft will find its place. Now if you can only buy a box capable of 1080p and MKV under $200, that would be a deal. Visit Microsoft’s website for more info.