Archive | April 16, 2010

YouTube upgrade causes millions to hurry up to upgrade their Adobe Flash plugin

It looks that, starting this morning, if you didn’t use Adobe Flash 10 already, you couldn’t play YouTube videos since YouTube just got some necessary upgrades. It was also reported that Adobe’s website had some problems handling the sudden traffic generated by millions of people downloading their poison pill (just joking, I would LOVE Flash on iPhone).

If you have trouble playing Flash videos, please follow these instructions (provided by Google) or just download it manually from here.

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Popbox SDK 1.0 is out – Flash is not dead, as Apple would like

The little box that made waves in January takes the next step. Yesterday, Syabas launched the software development platform for Popbox, the Popbox SDK 1.0. Go ahead and register here, if you think you have what it takes to become a Popbox developer.

The popbox SDK 1.0 enables anyone. popbox delivers the multimedia of the web and home network to the HDTV. The popbox Platform enables anyone to Read More…