Archive | April 12, 2010

Opera Mini approved by Apple for the iPhone App Store

The sky is falling, the sky is falling. No? Are you sure? Did you actually looked on the window, or even better, checked a webcam so you won’t have to get up from the computer? Because you might be in for a big surprise, Opera Mini App for the iPhone was approved today and is expected to show in the Apple’s App Store in the next 24 hours.

Yep, it is true, the app that nobody expected to be approved due to Apple’s policy for applications that duplicate the functionality already existing in the phone, made it. For the full press release and a video demo, hit it after the break.

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Why I hate buying from Lenovo – their shipping policy sucks big time

Well, I tried to buy a HTPC remote control from Lenovo, an experience that convinced me to never ever order anything from them again. I want to post my experience here, not to criticize the company, but to warn potential buyers that may be in the same situation as I am.

So, as I said, I went to Lenovo’s own website and placed an order for a HTPC remote control with keyboard, for about $40. They shipped via UPS and to my surprise, required an in-person delivery signature. Since both me and my wife are working exactly between the same business hours UPS delivers (what a surprise!!!), we will not be able to accept delivery.

I called UPS and tried to divert the shipment to an alternate address with no success, apparently Lenovo doesn’t let them do it. I tried called Lenovo to ask for a solution and here is what they said:

“Per Lenovo policy, they cannot authorize a signature release; not only that, but even if I am not available to accept delivery, they will consider the package as delivered even if the package goes back to Lenovo after three delivery attempts. As a result, after the package is automatically returned by UPS, I will be charged 15% restocking fee, even if I never touched or seen the package”.

OK, I said, let’s try the only available option and add an alternate address. Well, it is not so simple. I used PayPal checkout (which is accepted by Lenovo) and PayPal only allows one delivery address per credit card (even if the credit card itself accepts more than one).

As a result, I will have to pay 15% restocking fee for an order that I will never see,  just because Lenovo is not flexible enough to remove the signature delivery condition even for a low cost item. Sure, you can say that I should have read their terms before ordering, but let’s be honest…Who does that? If I have to check shipping terms for a major company every time I order something online, I’ll probably never buy online again. After all, I regularly buy from Amazon, NewEgg, Dell, HP and never had a problem…

And by the way, unfortunately the UPS hub is one hour driving distance from my city…there is no way I’ll drive that long for a remote control!!!

Netflix started to ship Wii Instant Streaming discs

Just got an e-mail from NETFLIX stating that instant streaming discs for Wii are now available. So, if you are one of the many Wii owners, you can reserve your on NETFLIX Wii website. Currently NETFLIX also ships instant streaming DVDs for PS3. Due to an agreement with Microsoft, they cannot embed the NETFLIX client in any other gaming console until late this year, so they are using the streaming discs solution instead. The minimum price for a plan including unlimited streaming is $8.99/mo and also includes one physical disc at a time shipped at home.

Microsoft launches Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0

Today Microsoft removes beta word from Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0. The new development suite sports a completely redesigned UI based on Office’s ribbon, and include tools for app development for Azure, Silverlight, Sharepoint and also the recently announced Windows Phone 7. The Silverlight 4 version is supported also, and it will launch tomorrow (with the release to come later).

Amongst the new features included in VS2010, you can find:

  • Multiple monitor support (finally I can use my dual 24″ HP displays at work without starting two VS instances)
  • Better Intellisense (it can find words that include what you type, not only that start with)
  • Intellisense supports now JavaScript and jQuery
  • Cleaner HTML
  • Website dependency diagrams (for website developers)
  • Intellitrace (to improve debugging and bug reproduction)
  • ASP.NET MVC 2.0 built in
  • Improved deployment tools

You can also expect to see improvements across all the functionality. To really improve the VS2010 performance, I strongly suggest buying a SSD drive which in my experience increase the compiling performance up to 5 times or more, depending of your usage.