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How to add a contact form to your WordPress blog

I just added a contact form to my blog’s Contact page and I wanted to share the experience in the interest of saving time. One of the best WordPress plug-ins I found to accomplish this task is Fast and Secure Contact Form. The plug-in is highly customizable and allows your users to communicate safely with you, without disclosing your e-mail address and without worrying about spam (CAPTCHA feature is included). Also, the plugin supports 4(or more) different customizable forms in case you need more than one.

Trick: Let’s assume you want an extra field in your contact form called Category. In that field, you want the user to be able select from an existing list of options. In this case, you need to follow these steps:

1. Set Category: as a label for the extra Field 1

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It finally happens! Dish Network VIP922 DVR is here!

After many, many, many years of waiting (and in today’s world, 2 is more than enough), Dish Network finally releases their Sling loaded super DVR, applications and 1TB hard drive and an MSRP of $649 (although you can expect to get it for less). here is the entire news release from Dish Network: (via Engadget)

Dish Network to release Slingloaded 922 Tomorrow

We are excited to announce that the ViP922 SlingLoaded DVR receiver (the model ViP922), is planned to be available April 7, 2010! The ViP922 receiver will allow for a high-definition (“HD”), DVR solution for a single TV. With the model ViP922 receivers, customers can enjoy simultaneous, uninterrupted and independent TV viewing between the primary TV in the house and remote viewing on a mobile device or laptop.

This next generation receiver offers the latest top-of-the-line features, including a sleek new user interface and integrated Sling™ capabilities that make it possible to enjoy TV Everywhere™! Combined with 1080p Video on Demand and stunning DISH Network HD programming, the model ViP922 receiver revolutionizes the way customers watch and enjoy their favorite programming! For more information on the model ViP922 receiver, including pricing and features, please continue reading below.

ViP922 SlingLoaded DVR Receiver

• Dual-tuner, one-TV receiver • Integrated SlingLoaded™ technology
• SD and HD output on TV1 • 1 terabyte (TB) hard drive
• Universal 32.0 UHF-2G configurable 4-component
remote control
• Capacitive-touch front panel controls

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Casio Exilim EX-Z33 Review – My 6 son’s new digital camera

For the last Christmas, I decided to get a cheap and easy to use digital camera for my 6 years old son so he won’t take mine anymore. The requirements were: price under $100, easy to use, rechargeable battery (I hate wasting money on batteries) and as small as possible.

I started to read reviews and compare cameras, and after a while I decided to buy Casio Exilim EZ-Z33 model from Amazon.

Main Features Of Casio EXILIM EX-Z33:

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