NetFlix Wii streaming discs shipped, also HD content for PC this year?

Today we got some interesting news from NetFlix. The first one is related to Wii. It seems that finally, the streaming discs that would enable NetFlix access on Wii are shipping, so expect to get them by tomorrow (if you requested them, of course). If you didn’t, you can do it right now here.

The second news is actually more a rumor. A Hacking NetFlix post mentions that HD content could be available on the PC this year, and that, the lack of availability now is due to content restrictions. We’ll wait and see how this one will turn out to be. A while ago, NetFlix also mentioned for this year the availability of 5.1 digital sound, so it might actually happen. The technology is here, in any case. I think the best NetFlix experience is via the Windows Media Center plug-in, so let us hope that HD content comes soon.

You can also request NetFlix PS3 streaming discs here. By the end of the year though, PS3 should have a native application that wouldn’t require a disc to stream NetFlix content.

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